Kurzer Bericht:
I had a wonderful time in Gozo. It was very interesting for me to see both
of our partnerschools and what they did for our project. They had a
wonderful presentation about the item. I also enjoyed a school excursion to
the Island of Comino with the children. The school system in Malta is very
different to our system and so it was interesting to compare it with our
Austrian small school. The school in Qala has more teachers for extra help
for the children. The results are very good. One of the strangest thing for
me was that I couldn’t find a heating system in the schools. We stop to heat
our schools in June.  We had a very warm welcome and everybody was very nice
and helpful. I also enjoyed the programm in the afternoon and in the evening
when the teachers had shown us their beautiful island (+Comino). It‘s a
lovely place with a lot of culture and I took a lot of pictures which I
showed to the children in school. Thanks a lot for everything,

Peter Schonger, direktor vs- Plangeross from Austria.