Diana, Anton and Jeanette visit Austria

On the 5th of February 2014, Diana, Anton and Jeanette went to Innsbruck, Austria, for visiting the Volksschule in Plangeross.

Sunday evening we met the director Peter Schonger and the colleagues from Ireland and the next day we also met the colleagues from Gozo and  Malta too at the Golden Roof in Innsbruck.


Our trip through Innsbruck started with a visit to The Hofburg Palace. We went to The Tyrolean Museum, where we saw a lot from Austria’s history. We saw an impressing panoramic view.

We also visited  the Swarovski museum, that exposes beautiful art.


The hotel was in the village of Wenns. From there we travelled by bus to Plangeross.

On Tuesday we visit the school for the first time and met the 9 children of the school. 



We saw the presentation of the Irish team and did our own presentation about our country and Sinterklaas. For all the children we brought a chocolate letter, what the children pleased very much.

In the evening we visited together a ski demonstration at one of the nearby ski slopes.

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Wednesday the Gozo team did their presentation about their school and island of Gozo.

Together with the children and all the colleges we made little a story on a video: strange people arrived by bus in the village of the children. They were looking for a place to sleep, but no one had a room for the strangers….until…..one of the Austrian children thought about the X-mas story with small stable in the village! So they invited the strangers in their house to sleep and eat. The story was based on the presentation in Opheusden.


In the afternoon we went to the glacier to ski or just to have a look at the snow. (For some teachers from Gozo it was the first time in their life to see snow!).

In Wenns we visited a small museum with cribs for Christmas and we also said goodbye to our friends from Ireland.


On Thursday we went with the children to the little church nearby the school. They sang songs and helped with the serves. We also met Claudia, the teacher for religion.

It was already our last night in Austria and on Friday we went be back home.

We really enjoyed our trip and thanked Peter and all the colleagues for this educational and interesting week!