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Volksschule Plangeross.

Plangeross 14


St. Leonard



Director Hr. Peter Schonger.

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Our school is situated in a tourism area. All of our pupils are confronted with a lot of different nations. And we want to learn more about other countries.

We also want to encourage our pupils by the means of such projects. Because we think that they will be motivated to learn much and to understand the world in this way. We want to contribute to the development of quality school, to promote high performance, innovation and a European dimension in systems and practices in the field. We will share our experiences, and we will learn new techniques and methods as teachers.


This work will also increase their positive attitudes towards language learning. It will promote language learning and linguistic diversity.

Those projects work encouraged our teachers and pupils produce different projects in international areas. We believe that being aware of different cultures will gain to our pupils and teachers wider perspective. That is why we want to work on this project.


It is the fact that the world is getting smaller, the countries and the continents are getting nearer nowadays. Therefore, the cultures are changing and getting closer to each other. We believe that pupils should be given a chance to meet other pupils from different cultures to know more about our changing world. Therefore, we think that such works will increase and force the peaceful atmosphere. That is why we take part in this project. We will try to build bridges for our pupils with the different cultures.


Letzte Woche bekamen die Kinder der Österreichische VS Plangeroß zum zweiten Mal Besuch vom Verein „ZeMiT“ (