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Our school is quite small but is an important place in a rural area. Our school is deemed a 'Vreedzame school' (peaceful school) because we have many children from different countries.

Our multicultural 'Vreedzame school' prepares children for a diverse modern society. We want to start a project that promotes anti-xenophobia on a child friendly way.  We will use our experiences and work together with other European primary schools and share results.

We have an extra ordinary time table so that our pupils work, play and eat together during the day.

Now we have in development the start of working with “tablets” with all our children in the classrooms.

This is the first time that we work with other European schools in a partnership.

More information: see our website.


at Het Palet in Opheusden in Holland.

On Sunday the 14th of September arrived the teachers Sarah and Claire from Bray Ireland, Christine and Joseph from Gozo in Holland.

On Monday morning they went first to Het Palet in Opheusden. There they met the teachers and the pupils from the school.

The director the school Mrs. Diana Brouwer showed them the school and informed them about the school times “continue rooster” and the new tablets with which the pupils worked.


The guests also where interested in the school system named “Vreedzame school” Peaceful school . Pupils from the higher grades are trained to be mediators. They foreign teachers were surprised by the atmosphere on the schoolyard during the break, children played on several places and there were no incidents. Later they had an interview with four  v pupils who are trained to be mediator.


After the break they had their presentation of their schools and their country in all the classes.  Teachers and their hosts liked these presentations very much. The pupils reacted very spontaneous on the stories and songs they heard.


Elena explains how she works with the results of the pupils who worked on the tablets.


Clair and Sarah singing a song with a Dutch class

Lenny told enthusiastic about her cosy group of youngest pupils

Information about Valetta on Malta by Joseph.

The teachers felt welcome at the school, they liked the open atmosphere.

After the lunch the guests went with the coordinator Mr. Anton Verwey to Xanten in Germany. There they visited the Roman museum and the old Roman city.

The next morning they went to the other partner school KGS Mariënbaum.

There the guests had a wonderful breakfast.

They liked this small school with the Kneipbecken very much. The director Maria Evers informed them about the school system en showed the school to her visitors.

On Wednesday there was a meeting in Opheusden. There the teachers of the school and he teachers from the partnerschools met and they talked about the program, the coming visits and the way how to communicate. They even had plans to correspond with pupils. There were some suggestions of sending postcards and Skype with classes. Also there was an introduction of the website by Willy Bogards, the ICT teacher of Het Palet. She showed everyone how to fill in the pages about our Project PAXEP.

In the evening there was a dinner at the house of the coordinator.

On Thursday the 19th of September there was the nice and good presentation of the Dutch school. Owing to the item of the project ( a society is busy with its daily things, and then suddenly there are persons (strangers) coming….) children had a play on stage.

They performed the situation of a Dutch restaurant. Nobody wanted to eat there, all the guests went away because they did not like the things on the traditional Dutch menu: pancakes and pie soup.  The owners of the restaurant , named “Lekker Eten” were very sad about that.

Then a bus with strangers arrived and they enjoyed the meal. The gave the waiter and the cook menus from all countries. The restaurant was renovated , got a new name “ Good Food” and started with the new menu card with all the information they received……… 

// You can place JavaScript like this After the performance all the children, teachers, parents and the guests from Gozo and Ireland went to the classes where they had all kinds of food, made by the parents, that was on the menu of the restaurant. /source}There were also game from the other countries. Everyone enjoyed this festivity at the Dutch school het Palet in Opheusden. // You can place JavaScript like this At the end there was an evaluation with the staff and the visitors during a good lunch that was served by the housekeeper Marga. The mobility to the Netherlands was very successful – teachers are looking forward to go to the other schools. The first meeting will be in Ireland Bray in September – October ’13. On the 29th of September 2013 we, Anton, Willy and Frencis, went to Ireland for the Anti xenofobia project. // You can place JavaScript like this In our hotel we met the four teachers from Gozo. The next day, Monday the 30th of September, we went to St. Cronan's Boys' National School. This first day, we had a discussion on the project. We came up with some ideas of how each school can shape the project. // You can place JavaScript like this The next day, Tuesday, we met the classes. Willy and Frencis gave a presentation about The Netherlands. The children, 11 and 12 years old, were very interested and could ask us some really good questions! We had some nice conversations. // You can place JavaScript like this In de evening we had dinner with most of the teachers of St. Cronan's Boys' National School. After dinner some of them made Irish music and we all sang along! We really appreciated that! Wednesday, the 2nd of October, we went back to St. Cronan's Boys' National School to give the presentation to other classes. We then also met younger children. After our presentations, we were tired of talking! So we decided to just have a look in the classes and their lessons. // You can place JavaScript like this // You can place JavaScript like this In the afternoon we visited the St. Patrick's NS. This is a girls' school in the neighbourhood. It is a big school, with +/- 760 pupils, larger than St. Cronan's Boys' School (+/- 500 pupils). With the girls we sang some Dutch songs (For example: Hoofd, schouders, knie en teen). On Thursday, the 3rd of October, we visited Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. A teacher of St. Cronan's was our guide, Kevin Vance. Thank you for showing us the hotspots! We visited Trinity College, the country's oldest university in the centre of Dublin. There was a museum, where we saw the Book of Kells and the Long Library. It was very impressive! // You can place JavaScript like this // You can place JavaScript like this // You can place JavaScript like this On Friday we went back to Dublin. This time without a guide, but Anton showed us some more hotspots! And then on Saturday, the 5th of October, we returned to The Netherlands. We really enjoyed our stay in Ireland. The teachers were so friendly en hospitable. We learned a lot and hope to see eachother again! Newspaper posts Internationalisering 1 Internationalisering 2 Diana, Anton and Jeanette visit Austria On the 5th of February 2014, Diana, Anton and Jeanette went to Innsbruck, Austria, for visiting the Volksschule in Plangeross. Sunday evening we met the director Peter Schonger and the colleagues from Ireland and the next day we also met the colleagues from Gozo and Malta too at the Golden Roof in Innsbruck. // You can place JavaScript like this Our trip through Innsbruck started with a visit to The Hofburg Palace. We went to The Tyrolean Museum, where we saw a lot from Austria’s history. We saw an impressing panoramic view. We also visited the Swarovski museum, that exposes beautiful art. The hotel was in the village of Wenns. From there we travelled by bus to Plangeross. On Tuesday we visit the school for the first time and met the 9 children of the school. // You can place JavaScript like this We saw the presentation of the Irish team and did our own presentation about our country and Sinterklaas. For all the children we brought a chocolate letter, what the children pleased very much. In the evening we visited together a ski demonstration at one of the nearby ski slopes. {source} // You can place JavaScript like this


Wednesday the Gozo team did their presentation about their school and island of Gozo.

Together with the children and all the colleges we made little a story on a video: strange people arrived by bus in the village of the children. They were looking for a place to sleep, but no one had a room for the strangers….until…..one of the Austrian children thought about the X-mas story with small stable in the village! So they invited the strangers in their house to sleep and eat. The story was based on the presentation in Opheusden.


In the afternoon we went to the glacier to ski or just to have a look at the snow. (For some teachers from Gozo it was the first time in their life to see snow!).

In Wenns we visited a small museum with cribs for Christmas and we also said goodbye to our friends from Ireland.


On Thursday we went with the children to the little church nearby the school. They sang songs and helped with the serves. We also met Claudia, the teacher for religion.

It was already our last night in Austria and on Friday we went be back home.

We really enjoyed our trip and thanked Peter and all the colleagues for this educational and interesting week!


Our visit to Gozo.

On the 29th of March we (Els, Willy and Frencis...and Anton) went to Gozo.

Miss Maria Curmi sent us a nice programme for our stay at Gozo. On tuesday the 1st of April we visited Sannat Primary school and special unit. We felt very welcome! All teachers presented themselves to us in the staffroom.

Then we went to their "theatre". All children joined in a short voyage around Europe, which took us to various countries which participated in the Eurovision Songcontest.

They performed songs from different countries. After that they took us down memory lane to recall Gozo's past with nice scenery, folk music and various traditional games that nowadays, in our lives full of gadgets, are rarely played by our children.


The second day of our visit to this school, all teachers joined a class. All classes had prepared a presentation about one of our joining countries in the Comenius project. They told us all about Ireland, Austria, Gozo, Germany and the Netherlands! We were truely surprised by the amount of work they did to present all this to us!

On thursday the 3rd of April we visited another school, in Qala. This school had a very nice building, all classroomdoors were located around the playground. In a building next to the school was a tourism educational school. In this building we were invited to visit a lesson in the big kitchen. Children of year 5 were baking a pizza!

After the break we were allowed to take a short look in each class. During these short visits we saw a lot of lesson-ideas which we are going to use in our own lessons, back in the Netherlands!

On friday the 4th of April we went back to Sannat Primary school to visit the special Unit. In this special Unit are some great facilities for disabled children. Some of them were severely disabled and couldn't speak. They really enjoyed their artlessons and their time in the dark musicroom or in the white relax (snoozle) room.

In between all these visits to the schools, some of our Gozitan collegues took us for a cultural trip on the island. We visited a few churches, the Sanap cliffs, the Azure window and the Comino blue lagoon.


We really enjoyed our stay and take back lots of ideas. Our pupils are already communicating with eachother through mail. They get to know eachother and learn about other cultures.

When we returned in our own classrooms, our pupils were very curious about our visit. They had lots of questions and wanted to see all of our photo's. We are still talking about all aspects of our stay. We even copied their lesson about baking a pizza and used their recipe in our English lesson!

We want to thank all of our (international) collegues for the nice consultations and educational and instructive moments during this week.

Visit to Gozo (8 until 15 april 2014)

When Els, Willy and Frencis had just returned from Gozo, Diana, Elena and Anton were getting ready for the follow-up visit which began on April 8. After the rainy and chilly morning in the Netherlands, we were very happy with lots of sunshine and warmth in Malta. The trip to Gozo was prosecuted on the ferry.

From the sundeck of the ferry you saw how the island came closer which was a spectacular sight.


Late in the afternoon we arrived at our accommodation in the village of Xlendi, located in a beautiful bay.

The next morning our visit to the Qala primary school started.




When we entered the children in the school were practicing for the annual dance event where also the other schools in Gozo participate in. It was fun to see how the students were eager to follow their dance teacher while they learned the most complicated steps.



We were immediately introduced to the team.




Nearly everyone was off to watch the students dancing. Then we were allowed to continue in school and look in the classes. It was noticed that the students had taken the internationalization project seriously; we have seen many drawings and stuff from across the participating countries.



We also took a look in the school’s garden where many exotic plants grow.





The next day a fantastic musical performance was given by the school choir. The theme was close to the Anti Xenophobia project. The children have acted, sang and danced at a high level. Obviously they have practiced very hard, but that's not the only reason for such a good performance. On the Qala school many specialist teachers work, amongst others a subject teacher for music.






On our last day in Qala primary school we attended an English language lesson. The students were exercising at the theory and practice of making toast.




Guests could also order a toast in English.





Despite the excitement of the visit and the conviviality of eating together there was a very peaceful atmosphere in the classroom.


On the same day we were invited to be for the class. For children in groups 2 and 3 we did an activity in the context of the internationalization project namely teaching them a very famous Dutch song "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" in Dutch. In English the text for the majority of children had long been known. English is spoken as a second language in Malta and the students start it from the beginning of their school.

Later we were very surprised by the class who made their appearance while wearing Dutch national clothes. Their teachers helped the students making it.





The visit to Gozo ended with a short visit to Sannat primary school.



On this day there was an Easter celebration at school.



There was a procession. The students and teachers were going in a long line through the school. Occasionally, the procession stopped and there were parts of the Bible story presented by a priest.

<a href="http://www.mijnalbum.nl/" target="_blank" title="Je fotoalbum gratis online bij MijnAlbum.nl!"><img src="http://www.mijnalbum.nl/Foto-MDQNU346-G.jpg" border="0"></a>



Besides the visits to schools, we have also seen much of the island of Gozo. It has beautiful and stunning scenery, ancient characteristic buildings and many cultural attractions.






Back from Gozo we have told many stories to our students and brought souvenirs, brochures and pictures to show.


Because the time was just before Easter, we brought home a typical Easter sweet from Malta, figolli, to share with our pupils, which was highly appreciated by them. The sweet was selfmade by the children of Sannat primary school and kindly given to us.




The children of Het Palet responded very excited and interested in the topic " Gozo " .
Finally, we want to thank all colleagues from Qala and Sannat primary schools and express our gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and tremendous hospitality felt during our visit to Gozo.

Our visit to Austria, February 2015.

In the first week of February we visited Plangeross, Austria. There we were guests in the Volksschule. A small school in a tourism area. Very small actually, with only ten students. All ten of them were in the same classroom. It was so informative to see how the teacher, Peter Schongerpayed attention to  all their specific needs. We saw that the children worked really well together, mostly in duo’s.  

AfbeeldingThe visiting colleagues from Ireland, Gozo and Holland had prepared a presentation or lesson, which fitted in the project Anti xenophobia. It was so nice to see how we all learn from eachother during this project and work further with eachothers ideas, related to education!  Yet, each lesson was different from another and very creative, informative and fun! 

Every schooldayteachers from one of the participating countries were doing their presentationThe day of the Dutch teachers went as followsThe children were interviewed about the project. They could tell what‘s most important and it was illustrated by some stories. After that they listened attentively to the story “Stonesoup”, which was presented in German.It was funny to observe how exuberantly the childrenreacted on their own languageIt was really relaxing for them not to have to follow the English language for a while.After the story was finished the children were faultlessly capable to convey the message: when one is prejudiced  a stranger is not trusted, only when working together and opening up to one anothertrust will arise and prejudice will vanish.

To get to know eachother better, we decided to take them to the school’s kitchen. There we made some typical Dutch, Irish and Gozo treats. We (the Dutch) cooked a traditional Dutch peasoup with the children.The children were together with the teachers cleaning and cutting the ingredients,putting them in the pan,stirringtasting…. In short it was realteamwork!The collaboration was a success, we were no strangers anymore to each otherAnd the soup?They loved it and even wanted to save some for next breakfast! 

AfbeeldingIn our quiz about Holland, we tried to start a conversation or even a discussion about several facts about our country. Not only the children participated, but also our colleagues were in a team! The best discussion was about our Dutch highest mountain “Vaalserberg”. Ofcourse our colleagues’ opinion was that Holland doesn’t  have mountains!Naturally for the winner we had a prize,a real Limburg applepie,brought all the way down from the Netherlands.

Also traditional Dutch donuts, so called “oliebollen”were not allowed to lackThe batter was being made with much care by ourselvesThe donuts were baked by one of the parents of a pupilalso an example of co-operation.

Finally we can come to the conclusion that also this visit to Austria in the framework of the PAXEP project has been particularly successful .

Newspaper  Austria.