Visit to Gozo (8 until 15 april 2014)

When Els, Willy and Frencis had just returned from Gozo, Diana, Elena and Anton were getting ready for the follow-up visit which began on April 8. After the rainy and chilly morning in the Netherlands, we were very happy with lots of sunshine and warmth in Malta. The trip to Gozo was prosecuted on the ferry.

From the sundeck of the ferry you saw how the island came closer which was a spectacular sight.


Late in the afternoon we arrived at our accommodation in the village of Xlendi, located in a beautiful bay.

The next morning our visit to the Qala primary school started.




When we entered the children in the school were practicing for the annual dance event where also the other schools in Gozo participate in. It was fun to see how the students were eager to follow their dance teacher while they learned the most complicated steps.



We were immediately introduced to the team.




Nearly everyone was off to watch the students dancing. Then we were allowed to continue in school and look in the classes. It was noticed that the students had taken the internationalization project seriously; we have seen many drawings and stuff from across the participating countries.



We also took a look in the school’s garden where many exotic plants grow.





The next day a fantastic musical performance was given by the school choir. The theme was close to the Anti Xenophobia project. The children have acted, sang and danced at a high level. Obviously they have practiced very hard, but that's not the only reason for such a good performance. On the Qala school many specialist teachers work, amongst others a subject teacher for music.






On our last day in Qala primary school we attended an English language lesson. The students were exercising at the theory and practice of making toast.




Guests could also order a toast in English.





Despite the excitement of the visit and the conviviality of eating together there was a very peaceful atmosphere in the classroom.


On the same day we were invited to be for the class. For children in groups 2 and 3 we did an activity in the context of the internationalization project namely teaching them a very famous Dutch song "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" in Dutch. In English the text for the majority of children had long been known. English is spoken as a second language in Malta and the students start it from the beginning of their school.

Later we were very surprised by the class who made their appearance while wearing Dutch national clothes. Their teachers helped the students making it.





The visit to Gozo ended with a short visit to Sannat primary school.



On this day there was an Easter celebration at school.



There was a procession. The students and teachers were going in a long line through the school. Occasionally, the procession stopped and there were parts of the Bible story presented by a priest.

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Besides the visits to schools, we have also seen much of the island of Gozo. It has beautiful and stunning scenery, ancient characteristic buildings and many cultural attractions.






Back from Gozo we have told many stories to our students and brought souvenirs, brochures and pictures to show.


Because the time was just before Easter, we brought home a typical Easter sweet from Malta, figolli, to share with our pupils, which was highly appreciated by them. The sweet was selfmade by the children of Sannat primary school and kindly given to us.




The children of Het Palet responded very excited and interested in the topic " Gozo " .
Finally, we want to thank all colleagues from Qala and Sannat primary schools and express our gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and tremendous hospitality felt during our visit to Gozo.