Our visit to Gozo.

On the 29th of March we (Els, Willy and Frencis...and Anton) went to Gozo.

Miss Maria Curmi sent us a nice programme for our stay at Gozo. On tuesday the 1st of April we visited Sannat Primary school and special unit. We felt very welcome! All teachers presented themselves to us in the staffroom.

Then we went to their "theatre". All children joined in a short voyage around Europe, which took us to various countries which participated in the Eurovision Songcontest.

They performed songs from different countries. After that they took us down memory lane to recall Gozo's past with nice scenery, folk music and various traditional games that nowadays, in our lives full of gadgets, are rarely played by our children.


The second day of our visit to this school, all teachers joined a class. All classes had prepared a presentation about one of our joining countries in the Comenius project. They told us all about Ireland, Austria, Gozo, Germany and the Netherlands! We were truely surprised by the amount of work they did to present all this to us!

On thursday the 3rd of April we visited another school, in Qala. This school had a very nice building, all classroomdoors were located around the playground. In a building next to the school was a tourism educational school. In this building we were invited to visit a lesson in the big kitchen. Children of year 5 were baking a pizza!

After the break we were allowed to take a short look in each class. During these short visits we saw a lot of lesson-ideas which we are going to use in our own lessons, back in the Netherlands!

On friday the 4th of April we went back to Sannat Primary school to visit the special Unit. In this special Unit are some great facilities for disabled children. Some of them were severely disabled and couldn't speak. They really enjoyed their artlessons and their time in the dark musicroom or in the white relax (snoozle) room.

In between all these visits to the schools, some of our Gozitan collegues took us for a cultural trip on the island. We visited a few churches, the Sanap cliffs, the Azure window and the Comino blue lagoon.


We really enjoyed our stay and take back lots of ideas. Our pupils are already communicating with eachother through mail. They get to know eachother and learn about other cultures.

When we returned in our own classrooms, our pupils were very curious about our visit. They had lots of questions and wanted to see all of our photo's. We are still talking about all aspects of our stay. We even copied their lesson about baking a pizza and used their recipe in our English lesson!

We want to thank all of our (international) collegues for the nice consultations and educational and instructive moments during this week.