On the 29th of September 2013 we, Anton, Willy and Frencis, went to Ireland for the Anti xenofobia project.

In our hotel we met the four teachers from Gozo. The next day, Monday the 30th of September, we went to St. Cronan's Boys' National School. This first day, we had a discussion on the project. We came up with some ideas of how each school can shape the project.

The next day, Tuesday, we met the classes. Willy and Frencis gave a presentation about The Netherlands. The children, 11 and 12 years old, were very interested and could ask us some really good questions! We had some nice conversations.

In de evening we had dinner with most of the teachers of St. Cronan's Boys' National School. After dinner some of them made Irish music and we all sang along! We really appreciated that!

Wednesday, the 2nd of October, we went back to St. Cronan's Boys' National School to give the presentation to other classes. We then also met younger children. After our presentations, we were tired of talking! So we decided to just have a look in the classes and their lessons.

In the afternoon we visited the St. Patrick's NS. This is a girls' school in the neighbourhood. It is a big school, with +/- 760 pupils, larger than St. Cronan's Boys' School (+/- 500 pupils). With the girls we sang some Dutch songs (For example: Hoofd, schouders, knie en teen).

On Thursday, the 3rd of October, we visited Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. A teacher of St. Cronan's was our guide, Kevin Vance. Thank you for showing us the hotspots! We visited Trinity College, the country's oldest university in the centre of Dublin. There was a museum, where we saw the Book of Kells and the Long Library. It was very impressive!

On Friday we went back to Dublin. This time without a guide, but Anton showed us some more hotspots!

And then on Saturday, the 5th of October, we returned to The Netherlands.

We really enjoyed our stay in Ireland. The teachers were so friendly en hospitable. We learned a lot and hope to see eachother again!

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