Katholische Grundschule Marienbaum.

Emil-Underberg-Str. 25,  46509 Xanten  Deutschland


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Our team,

Director: Maria evers


Brigitte Brauers

Irmgard _ Scholz – Starke

Angela Heien

Lena Konniger.


The MARIENSCHULE MARIENBAUM is a general public catholic primary school, situated in a small village north the ancient town of Xanten, which is known by the former Roman colony with an amphitheater and the gothic cathedral.

Because in our region there are no industries and less possibilities for qualified occupations, people must go south as commuters far distances every day by car.

In the course of the years this causes negative effects on the population structure: Thus  the number of qualified workers decreases, while those of the fewer qualified and unemployed persons increases, which also leads to fluctuation and unemployment in our village.

In order to operate against these problems  and to increase our pupils´ chances for more qualified occupations, our school in particular sets the emphasis on natural science and technique to promote the childlike urge of research before the phase of puberty, when the time window is still wide open for it.

On these targets we operate at our school with 4 teachers (female) and a secretary  (5 hours/week) . 

Our 87 pupils in the age of  6 till 11 years learn in 4 classes.

We have nearly no migrants from the near east, but  some Polish and Dutch pupils.

Our school area is very large, about 5000 qm. It has been donated by the manufacturer family Underberg, which owns a little water palace in our village.

Our campus is placed, where in former times was  the garden of the medieval monastery of the holy Birgitta of Sweden, which had been owned an important library.


The emphasis of our school program is situated in the following themes: 


• Reading as a code qualification:


   We take part in the project „Antolin“.


• Natural- and technic sciences as basic conditions for innovation and prosperity:


emphasis on natural science and technique


• Living in sense of healthy behavior:


We practice the Kneipp- Science and are certified as a „Kneipp-Schule“.


• Preparing for our globalized world:


Our mother language is German, but the children also learn English (part of the German curriculum). 


Besides we have a school partnership with a Dutch school for some years.


Particularly for  children in a village with those known problems it is important, to be made fit for a qualified, possibly mobile life in a globalized world.

For this a school needs teachers, those are able to look over the rim of a plate of their working premises.

One of the most effective tools to achieve this target is the cooperation at Comenius.

More information on our website: www.marienbaum.de


First project week in September at Het Palet in Opheusden in Holland.


On Sunday the 16th of September arrived the teachers Sarah and Claire from Bray Ireland, Christine and Joseph from Gozo and Anton from Holland at the KGS Mariënbaum in Xanten.

First they went to the Roman Museum in Xanten. They had a lot of information at this wonderful and interesting place.




The Next day they arrived at nine o clock at the school and met all the teachers in the schoolyard.  After that they visited the classrooms.

They were impressed by the good and friendly situation in the school.


It was remarkable how the pupils worked concentrated making beautiful painting in the classrooms. The teacher of this class is working enthusiastic with her pupils and that is to be seen on the colorful results.

The director of the school Mrs. Maria Evers also showed the unique Kneip bath for the children and the place where children are after school time.

Having good impressions of the German school the teachers went back to Holland, As they said, they sure will inform their colleagues about this friendly school with nice pupils and friendly very professional staff.