Evaluation meeting in Plangeross 5-2-2015.

The coordinator started the meeting by complimenting and thanking the participants for their fruitful presentations.

He also said that the preparations for the next two visits were at an advanced stage and all were looking forward for the visits to Ireland and Sannat-Gozo-Malta.

Than he requested that all participating groups from the various schools, ie. Ireland, Holland, Austria, Sannat –Gozo-Malta and Qala –Gozo –Malta, were to present their reports of the visit within 2 weeks of the visit.

He rounded up by thanking Peter Schonger for his great hospitality and all members of the groups for being so helpful to make the project a success.

Anja from the Netherlands said that it was a great nice week meeting other teachers from other countries in such beautiful surroundings. She thanked the coordinator for taking care of the group and Peter for his hospitality.

The presentations too were great.

She thanked the group for being so friendly.

Ireland: It has been a wonderful week and talking to other teachers was an interesting experience. Sharing experiences with other teachers was a wonderful  experience. And seeing what was going on in other schools was a very constructive meeting. Even the children in Peter’s schools enjoyed the visit.

Sannat-Qala Gozo: As Head of School in a Primary Setting, this was a wonderful experience for me seeing students so young. It was impressive and this experience showed that students at this age wherever they come from, behave in the same manner and if showed love and interest were prompt to show you back love and devotion.

It was great being with other teachers from other countries and sharing experiences of what was done in their schools.

A big thanks goes to the coordinator for his organization and to the headmaster for being our host.

Frencis from Holland said that the presentations were very well prepared, well organized and informative. She finally thanked Peter for his hospitality and said that she would be pleased to see how Peter handles his class in a normal teaching session.

Finally a word from my part. A big thanks to Mr Verwey for the well-organized trip to Austria and the visit to the school in Plangeross Austria.

Also our best regards go to Peter for his hospitality and dedication to please and make all fell at ease and at home.

It was finally Mr Verwey who rounded up the evaluation meeting saying that in the last period of the project teachers are asked to have an evaluation with their classes. This should be in a “class discussion”. The results of this discussion must be a part of the last evaluation meeting in the Netherlands and it must be part of the evaluation on the website. For the website I will send every school a form to fill in. It will be sent in a few weeks.

Mr Marcel Xuereb

Head of School

GC Qala Primary Gozo