A visit to Bray, Ireland by Ms Marthese Attard and Ms Sylvana Cini (Qala Primary)

29/09/13 – 5/10/13


The Gozo College Qala Primary School participated in a Comenius project in Bray, Ireland for the first time between 29th September and 5th October.

 We had the opportunity to evaluate and observe the Irish educational system and compare it to our own educational system by observing lessons in the classroom.


 The school staff of St. Cronan’s gave us a very warm welcome. We met together with all our partner schools and discussed our project and how each school is to participate in the project.  Our understanding of different cultures grew as we learned how to encourage our students to respect and appreciate pupils of different abilities, nationalities and races. 




We delivered a short presentation to students about the Maltese islands and shared information about our school, our culture and our identity as citizens of this small Mediterranean island. We highly recommend this Comenius project to other schools; it really broadened our perspectives and gave us fresh insights into ways of teaching and learning.



This was our day-by-day programme:


·         Sunday:           We and the other participants arrived in Bray, Ireland.

·         Monday:         All partners met at St.Cronan’sSchool.   There was a short presentation re St. Cronan’s school and the Irish Educational System. The school director,Ms. Maeve, showed us around the school and we met teachers and pupils. Later in the evening we visited Glendalough and learned about this monastic site and the Wicklow hills.

·         Tuesday:         We visited classes and gave presentations about Malta and Gozo and about respective schools.  Most pupils had never heard about Malta and Gozo and were very interested in our presentation. Later, we discussed our project and how each school will interpret the story. We also discussed suitable questions for our pupils that will give some indication of their attitudes to those of other races.

·         Wednesday:    We discussed the project and how we can work together and share information with colleagues.  We observed various lessons and in the afternoon we visited St Patrick’s NC Girls’ Primary School. We delivered our presentation about our islands and our schools.

·         Thursday:        Visit to Dublin and Trinity College and National Art Gallery.

·         Friday:             Returned to Malta