Comenius Visit in the Netherlands

Visiting a foreign school is always a positive experience as it exposes us to new methodologies.  The Het Palet School in Opheusden was no exception.  Although it is a small school, it caters for a large number of pupils coming from various cultural backgrounds.  The children get on well with each other and the school really offers a healthy learning environment. 


During our visits we had the opportunity to visit the classes and give some information to the children about Malta.  On the other hand, on presentation day, we had the opportunity to learn more about the children’s cultural backgrounds and how they are being thought to accept each other.



In this particular school, we were explained how from a tender age the children are taught to become good problem solvers.  This is indeed a skill which the children learn to develop well in this school.  We were surprised at how naturally the children dealt with problems that start in the playground.  A group of children is trained to become mediators and thus, help their peers to solve their problems between them without fighting further.  This process involves note taking by the mediators and having the children sit around a table and negotiate a solution that is valid and satisfactory for both parties involved.


During break time, we could notice groups of children playing with many different outdoor sports equipment like balls, skipping ropes, stilts and a climbing frame.  It was nice observing these kids at play and thanks to the mediator program that they have, there was little or no fighting at all.


In a particular class we had the opportunity to see the children work on tablets.  This was a first experience for us and it interested us very much as in our country, the government is planning to introduce tablets in all state schools.  It was interesting observing how the children worked quietly on their tablets and how the teacher through her computer could instantly monitor the children’s work.


We really enjoyed the time spent in this school also because both the staff and the head of school, Ms Diana are  very friendly and welcoming.  We really look forward to have them in our school.


Christine Mizzi,

Gozo College, Sannat Primary.


Joseph Mizzi,

Gozo College, Qala Primary.