A visit to Bray, Ireland

by Ms Godwine Grima and Ms Maria Curmi

The Gozo College Sannat Primary and Special Unit School is participating in a Comenius Project together with other european schools.

Ms Godwine Grima and Ms Maria Curmi have visited St. Cronan’s School in Bray (Ireland) between the 29th September and 5th October as part of this Comenius project.













All the staff at St. Cronan gave us a warm welcome. Together with the other partner schools, we have learned a lot about the different educational systems around Europe.  Throughout our 5 day visit we discussed how we, as teachers could help our students to appreciate different cultures and traditions around the world.

In addition it was also an opportunity for us to widen our educational knowledge, as we had the possibility to observed other teachers delivering their lessons in their classrooms. Therefore we were motivated to refresh our insights into different teaching techniques and how these can stimulate our pupils to learn more.


Moreover it was an amazing opportunity for us to show how our small island in the Mediterrenean Sea is rich in history, culture and traditions. 

We highly recommend other teachers to participate in projects of such a kind.

Godwine Grima                                                         Maria Curmi